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About Us

Red Apple Realtors is the real deal: A local, down-home and experienced real estate and property management firm with experience in a huge range of property types and investment options. We buy, sell, build and lease spaces as well as manage single-family residences, duplexes, quadraplexes, office spaces and more.

Our whole business is founded on the value of providing you with full services, so you never need to go anywhere else to find what you need. Our dual role as real estate purveyors and property managers means we understand the market, inside and out, and continue to deepen that understanding with ongoing professional development and the cultivation of the best possible ethics.

Shawna Abernathy founded Red Apple to serve the residents and investors of Abilene, Clyde, Merckle, Knox City and Anson, Texas. Her background in art and teaching give her a perfect eye for beautiful properties, understanding sound investments and communication style. Want to learn even more? Just call.