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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many units does Red Apple, REALTORS® manage?

  3. What kind of staff do you have working these properties?
    Myself and my Office Manager.

  5. What is the process for screening tenants? 
    We charge a $40 application fee to each adult wishing to rent a property. We use the AppFolio online background check system. Tenants can apply online. This process checks background, credit and criminal activity across the United States. We typically require 600+ credit score, do not accept tenants who have any utility bills in collections and we follow up on past rental history. Owners will have the final say on tenant acceptance.

  7. I have an eviction, will you rent to me?
    No. We do not approve any applications with an eviction record, foreclosure, or any record of you walking out on a lease or owing another management company unpaid rent.

  9. My boyfriend doesn’t really live with me, he only stays 2 nights a week. Do I still need to fill out an application for him? 

  11. What fees do you charge your property owners? 
    We charge 10% per month. The only time the fee changes is at tenant change and that fee is 20%. That additional 10% pays the other agent who shows the property and brings the next tenant.

  13. Is there a charge to the property owner when the tenant doesn’t pay or when the home is vacant? 
    Red Apple charges property owners a 10% monthly management fee every month, regardless of vacancy or whether or not the tenant pays their rent. If vacant, the mgmt fee will be 10% of the last rent amount the unit was leased for.

  15. When is rent due for all your tenants? 
    Rent is ALWAYS due by 11:59 PM on the 1st. We have a dropslot on site for anyone not paying with bank draft or auto pay.

  17. When do you charge late fees? 
    Late fees begin AT MIDNIGHT on the 3rd . Late fees are set according to the lease. Typically all late fees are 5% of the rent as a base late fee and then half of that cost per day for each additional day.

  19. How do you pay your property owners? 
    I promise to pay all property owners by the 5th (or closest to the 5th depending on how the month falls).

  21. Do you send out reports with your payments to property owners? 
    I only send info via email. Every month, each property owner gets a sheet showing that the rent was paid, any repairs that were done and the amount of the direct deposit made to their account. Copies of all repair invoices are sent with this monthly form.

  23. How do you monitor what is going on with my property?
    I do quarterly inspections, and occasional drive-bys to check on the yard and to make sure the outside of the house is neat and not surrounded by junk or trash. 

  25. How do you handle repairs? 
    I promise you, the property owner, that I will not do any repairs that cost over $250 without your approval and consent. I am a good judge of repairs that are necessary and I will call the vendor of my choice to do the work. I will pay the vendor directly and will deduct that exact fee from your rent proceeds the following month.

  27. Does your company or personnel in the company own any of the units Red Apple manages? 
    Yes. My husband and I own residential and commercial property. I encourage all REALTORS at Red Apple to invest in rental properties.

  29. How long does it normally take to fill a vacancy for single family homes? 
    You never know! I no longer advertise rentals in the local paper. The MLS® and a sign in the yard is all it takes. Location, cleanliness, updates and price play a big part in rentability.

  31. How long do tenants stay in your homes? 
    I have some tenants that have signed 2 year leases. I have some that are on a month-to-month lease and have been there for 4+ years. Their staying power depends on their situation.

  33. What do you do when someone doesn’t pay or doesn’t pay on time?
    I charge late fees for untimely payment. I call. I text. I beat the doors down. I evict if I never received “promised” payments. I’ve had 4 evictions in 12 years.

  35. If a property gets bed bugs, who pays?
    Beginning in January of 2017, all tenants signed a “bed bug addendum” that advises them on how to avoid bed bugs and acknowledging to them that TENANTS are responsible for the remediation of any bed bug infestation.

  37. Are pets allowed?
    Pets are allowed with owner approval. No aggressive breeds are allowed, ever. If owners approve, there is a $250 non refundable pet fee per pet. The pet fee goes straight to the owner at the time of lease signing with no deductions. Homes that don’t allow pets tend to take longer to rent.