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Red Apple, REALTORS® takes pride in being a full-service real estate office. We have built a great reputation on the property management side of real estate and we have names and numbers to back it up!

Here is the scoop on what is required of you, as a landlord, and what I provide as a property manager:

  • As you begin building your wealth through investment properties, I will be glad to walk you through the process. I can help you find the homes at the price you want and in the areas you prefer.
  • Once you have the property bought and ready for tenants, I will begin the process and keep you as involved as you want to be!
  • I will ask that you sign an agreement allowing me to represent you. Your fees are 10% per month. The only time that amount will differ is at “tenant change”. When a new tenant moves in, an additional 20% placement fee will be charged along with the 10% management fee. Part of that additional fee is used to pay the other agent for finding the new tenant.
  • There is no “up charge” for repairs. If there is a plumbing bill, a service call fee for the A/C man, etc. the price you are charged is the price they bill. You will receive a copy of the providers bill. A repair costing over $250 will never be made without your notice and approval.
  • I have attached a sample copy of the agreement that you and I will sign together. Choose “Owner Documents” from the drop down menu from the Management tab.
  • If you would like a list of property owners to ask for recommendations and referral advice, please contact me directly: Shawna 325-514-0586
  • Please call me for any other details or explanation! I love the property management side of real estate….no one knows why….not even me!